Instructors Course

Before undertaking any of the courses, I invite anyone interested in potentially doing them, to our training ground for a selection day to meet me and to see what we do here there is an opportunity to speak to others that have done the courses as their recommendation will be far better than mine. however, whether you are an enthusiastic dog owner who just wants to know more or perhaps an aspiring trainer and behaviourist, going by the feed back we have had since their inception four years ago ... I know that you'll love them.  


Stage One : Introduction to Training and Behaviour   This first course is a bit of everything ... learning and training theory and the practical aspects of dealing with the hardest aspect of dog training ... the Owners !   1)Intro to instructing   2)What makes a good instructor? 3)The trainer  4)The class   5)Understanding dog behaviour   6)Training theory   7)Practical: Structuring lesson plans, Handling groups & individual training   8)Practical assessment    


Stage Two : Intermediate Instructors Course   All about the dog - this course is broken down into the following subjects, using both theoretical discussions and practical applications in order for the course to be both fun and digestable !   1)Training attitudes & techniques   2)One to one training   3)Dog problems explained  4) How dogs learn - a bit of history  5)The lingo  6)Practical assessment    7)Preventive medicine   8)The Senses and How they affect dog’s behaviour.   9)Inherited Behaviour in the Dog / Wolf    


Stage Three : Advanced course   Practical : Assessment and training of a long term rescue dog. Examining both the training and behavioural issues relating to the dog 15 hrs training to reform and retrain the dog culminating in a final practical assessment of progress made.   Theory : Dominance - Fact or Fiction   (an opportunity to examine an alternative attitude to the proposed wolf / domestic dog pack similarities)    


Stage Four : Advanced + Course   Prior courses have been designed to give you an un-biased understanding to training principles and behavioural techniques so as a potential trainer / behaviourist / enthusiastic dog owner, you can make your own decisions on which path is the right one for you. This next course however, is all about doing it our way. Intensive for both you and your dog, you will be required to learn everything that is thrown at you, then demonstrate the ability to teach it to your dog and then finally to teach it back to the rest of the goup in the second week. Explaining ... How, Why and the processes behind it.   The course is designed for the potential full time Instructors but is open to others. Please call to discuss the suitability of the course for you !


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